New Ignite Academy excites student

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Liam Minniti

As many of us have heard, a new school is opening its doors next school year.

It’s officially known as the Ignite Institute, but most just call it Ignite.

Dec. 3 was the last day to apply, but I was sure to submit my essays and information early because I really want to attend the school and take my classes there.

On Dec. 21 I received my letter of acceptance into the Biomedical and Health College which was my third choice out of the seven different areas of study offered at Ignite.

There are many reasons I’m excited to being school at the institute next school year. In fact, the reasons why I’m excited are also reasons why other students applied this year and why more students should also try to get in next school year.

The first reason that I’m extremely excited to attend Ignite is that the school offers dual credits (getting high school and college credits at the same time).

Boone does this as well, but unlike Boone, all of Ignite’s classes are dual credit classes.

Its seven colleges of innovations are: Bio-Medical, Logistics (transporting deliveries), Computer Science, Design, Education, Construction Technology, and Engineering.

I personally applied for Computer Science, Design, and Bio Medical as I want to major in those subjects.

Another reason why I want to go to Ignite is that a new building would be a nice breath of fresh air considering that Boone is 64 years old!

Ignite is in a building that is 22 years old, but completely cleaned out, repainted, and refurbished with new and modern amenities which include the newest technology available to schools.

Other teens may say that Ignite students won’t see their friends from their original schools, but the students who attend Ignite will go to their home schools before going to Ignite to get on another bus that goes to the school.

Not only that, but when my school day is over, I’ll come back to Boone for the last few minutes and I can talk to my friends then, and I could also join a club.

The final reason why I’m so set on going is that there are only three classes a day and Tuesday and Thursday are called production days which are different from core curriculum days.

On those two days students can plan ahead for future classes, make up missing work, get tutored in a subject that they are struggling with, hold meetings, work on college classes, or work on electives from their home school so they can graduate.

Once I finish schooling at Ignite, not only will I graduate from high school, but I’ll also have college experience under my belt.