News of the Huh??? (March 2019 issue)

Tea Boothe, Author

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Log-slapping causes 25 stitches

A 13-year old Casey Murthick from Leeds, England was playing football at the park when someone “jumped out from behind a tree” and “smashed him in the face” with a log on Feb. 14. As a result of the accident, Casey had to get 25 stitches after getting his nose smashed.

According to Casey’s mother, he was in shock and all he was saying was “my nose, my nose.”  The mother’s boyfriend went to see who the attacker was and spotted a girl in a grey jumpsuit that ran. Despite his injuries, Casey was back and playing football again within a few days.

 (Lucy Middleton/UK Metro News)

Alabama’s ‘Can Man’ honored at funeral

Northern Alabama’s well-known “Can Man” was struck and killed by a car while walking on the road on Feb. 22.  Eddie Golladay was known for picking up aluminum cans on the road.

Attendees of the funeral services were asked upon coming to the service to bring aluminum cans in honor of the “Can Man.”

There was also a memorial trash clean-up held on March 2 in honor of Golladay’s memory.

(Leada Gore/

Nurses release roaches in ward for closure

Nurses at an Italian hospital released roaches to get the ward closed, police said. It has been suggested that they did this to get transferred to less demanding jobs.

Detectives believe the Accident and Emergency Ward was the starting location for the infestation at Vecchio Pellegrini Hospital.

A patient checked in at the hospital took a video of these roaches and posted it on social media. Detectives discovered a bag containing sawdust and a sheet and assumed that the roaches were purchased from a pet food retailer.

(Italy/World News & Sky News)

Flying ‘roller coaster’ unable to land

Passengers on a British Airways flight from London to Gibraltar International Airport experienced quite a ride, as strong winds stopped the plane from landing and caused it to sway dramatically.

Several passengers were terrified during the events, but one passenger said, “I was in seat 16C. All I heard was laughter from my fellow teammates about how much the flight resembled a roller coaster.”

The same passenger took a video of his thrilled friends as the plane swayed up and down. Planes landing in Gibraltar are used to some strong winds, but this flight was a little out of the ordinary.

(Ed Mazza/Huff Post)

LAPD on the lookout for donut line cutter

On Feb. 10 around 3 p.m., an older man was standing in front of a younger man in the line at a donut shop in Los Angeles. Without warning, the younger man abruptly began attacking the older male, leaving three stab wounds in his back.

The younger man then exited the store. The Los Angeles Police Department is still looking for the attacker and treating the incident as an attempted murder with an unknown motive.

(Chantelle Edmunds/

‘Motivational speaker’ sparks outrage

Self-styled motivational speaker Alexander J. A. Cortez made a post Feb. 21 with advice on “How to be a Beautiful Woman” and followers can’t tell if he is joking or serious. His post consists of a 12-step guide on how to be a “beautiful woman” saying “only a man can tell a woman how to act.”

The steps include: be thin, be able to cook, have long hair, wear make-up, be feminine, be graceful, be sensual, shave, be fashionable, wear pink or feminine colors, love men, and listen to men. Cortez says whoever gets mad at the list “would be a terrible mother.”

(Zoe Forsey/Mirror)