News of the Huh??? (January 2020)

Man too lazy to go to the bathroom

A Draper Rancherito’s employee was fired Sunday after a viral video caught him urinating on the kitchen floor.

Robert Talivakaola, the man who took the video, was trying to order food around 5:30 a.m. When he got no response, he drove up to the drive-thru to get someone’s attention only to see one of the employees relieving himself in the kitchen.

The manager of the restaurant claims the employee depicted in the video has been fired. They had worked with the company for approximately three months.

The facility is currently closed pending a sanitation.

(Hunter Geisel & Mark Klekas/KUTV 2News)

Crocodiles in the land of maple syrup?

An escaped alligator was spotted moving across a Montreal, Canada street Sunday afternoon.

According to police, the scaly fella escaped the van of a company that handled exotic animals. The animal made its getaway while the van’s automatic door was closing.

The drivers of the van had stopped for lunch and didn’t notice the critter make his escape.

The animal made it’s way across the street and under a car, gaining some attention from pedestrians along the way. According to police, the employees were able to successfully re-capture the alligator.

(Staff Report/CBC News)

How to quit with flying colors

Anesti Danelsi, a Toronto Starbucks employee, quit his job musically. Danelsi wrote and performed an entire profanity filled song all about his manager who tried getting him fired and promised Danelsi he would never get a promotion.

During the performance, Danelsi emphasized the fact he loved his coworkers and customers and the song was only about his manager.

Once his little musical session was over, Danelsi was given a round of applause and was deemed an internet hero by many who watched the viral video.

This goes to show one should never hire someone with musical and comedic talent; It will never end well if you infuriate them.

(Erica Tempesta/DailyMail)

That sure went from 0 to 700 real fast

A hyperloop—a high-tech, high-speed train—could take passengers from Chicago to Cleveland in 32 minutes, ten times faster than a car and twice as fast as a plane.

According to the Great Lakes Hyperloop Feasibility Study, this would create over 900 thousand jobs.

The technology is still deep in development, so the timeline of this project is not exactly predictable.

If this technology is successful, it will shoot past the competition.

(Mary Wisniewski/Chicago Tribune)

The picture might be exaggerating, but we aren’t

A man stole $500 in cash from a caricature artist during Riverside’s Festival of Lights Parade on Dec. 5, but forgot his own caricature.

Police are now using the exaggerated portrait as his suspect description.

It may not portray the suspect exactly, but police believe it may help identify the individual.

Let’s see if the police can catch him just as well as the artist did in the portrait.

(Jesus Reyes/News Channel 3)

Hey! You’re not Santa!

A man was arrested after he was found hiding inside a closet in a Wisconsin home Dec. 10.

Kabian Coleman, 32, was caught inside a closet after the homeowner’s dog kept barking at it. When the homeowner and a family member attempted to open it, they found something, or someone was holding it shut.

According to the family members, while inside the closet, Coleman uttered, “Ho Ho Ho,” and told the family members that if they opened the closet it would ruin their Christmas surprise.

After two family members called 911, Coleman fled the scene. Officials later caught him in someone else’s garage a street over after following his footprints in the snow.

According to police, it took a few attempts before they were actually able to open the garage; every time they tried to open it, he would close it.

(Jordan Mickle/WTMJ-TV)