News of the Huh??? (April 2021)

Eric Inda

Biden stumbles up stairs, not once, not twice, but three times

President Biden joined an exclusive group of American leaders who managed to fall on the stairs of Air Force One while boarding the plane at Joint Base Andrews on Mar. 19.

Biden appeared to have slipped twice then tripped up the stairs before recovering himself and making it all the way to the top and into the plane.

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said that Biden was “just fine and did not even require any attention from the medical team.”

The likely suspect? Mother Nature and her wind powers. 

The day Biden was getting on the plane bound for Georgia, winds in Washington D.C. had gusts of up to 35 mph which may have been just enough to start the chain of slipping on the stairs.

How about that exclusive group of leaders and their battle with stairs? Former President Obama nearly fell down them in 2015, and former President Gerald Ford almost hit the concrete after he was about down the stairs in 1975.

(Tyler Olson/Fox News)

Florida man hits the road, jumps drawbridge as it rises

Police in Daytona Beach, Fla. are investigating a driver who drove over a drawbridge on the Halifax River early in the morning on Apr. 12.

The grey vehicle had broken a traffic arm and then proceeded to leap over the bridge while it was going up, according to surveillance cameras.

This isn’t the first time drivers tried to beat the rush over this bridge; in fact, a motorcycle jumped it the previous month.

Local police are trying to figure out who this driver is based on the license plate. Nobody else was on the bridge at the time of the situation.

(Valerie Boey/FOX 35 Orlando)

Student reads book about manners, returns book years later

A previous student of a British high school sent in a library book by mail which was overdue by 32 years.

The book, titled “Manners Make a Difference” and published in 1954, discussed methods of behaving in places such as schools, churches and other places and moments.

Along with the book making a return, a handwritten note from a sticky note was also put on the book offering its sincerest apologies.

“Sorry! Just 32 years overdue! Call it Catholic Guilt,” along with a smiley face written.

How much is this student going to have to pay for this overdue book then? Officially, around $1,160, but officials from the school don’t intend to make the student pay.

The book, now being about 67 years old, will no longer be available for rent at the school due to it being outdated, but will instead be put on display in their study area.

(Ben Hooper/UPI)

Canadian lawmaker wears awkward attire on Parliament virtual meeting

Throughout this pandemic, many people have been caught on the hot mic during virtual meetings, whether it be for work, school, or something else.

During a Canadian House of Commons virtual meeting, a government official was caught walking around wearing nothing.  Unbeknownst to him, his camera was on.

The man in question? William Amos from Quebec of the Liberal Party who said in a statement that his video was turned on by mistake after he was changing clothes after going out for a jog.

An opposition member of the Bloc Québécois party brought it up during the meeting, stating that male Members of Parliament should always be wearing the normal things that politicians wear: a suit jacket, tie, shirt, and of course, pants.

It is an important but simple lesson for everyone to understand when participating in virtual meetings: always assume that both your camera and microphone are activated.

(News Staff/AP)

I did NOT order this on my burrito!

Airport security found a breakfast burrito which contained crystal meth while scanning luggage in Houston, Texas.

A security officer noticed a lump inside the burrito and asked the person possessing the luggage to unwrap the burrito. After some hesitation, they opened the wrapper.

This burrito went through the x-ray once again, and security noticed black tape around this unknown lump in the burrito. That’s when security called the Houston Police on the suspicion that this burrito wasn’t like any other burrito.

The police later confirmed that this lump was indeed crystal meth. Houston Police confiscated the burrito and had the owner of the luggage arrested.

(Ronnie Marley/FOX 26 Houston)

Foul ball breaks beer cans, brings spring showers to the nearby fans

During a spring training game in Tempe, Ariz. between the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Angels, a foul ball smashed a fan’s beer can, spraying the beer all over the surrounding seats.

While seeming totally unlucky at first, later on the victim of the foul ball beer fiasco was rewarded with more beer and a baseball bat signed by Angels player Mike Trout, so maybe it was not so bad a day at the ballpark after all.

(Jonna Lorenz/UPI)

It’s nacho day, Reds fan!

At a Cincinnati Reds game on Apr. 22, a fan took a tough dive while trying to grab a home run ball by Eugenio Suárez during the sixth inning.

The fan, nicknamed “nacho man” lost his nachos and a shoe while tumbling down the bleachers to try and get the ball. Unfortunately for him, another fan had picked up the ball.

Returning to his seat, probably feeling defeated, he went to hug his son, who the ball may have been for.

Not all of this story is bad, because just like when that foul ball broke the beer cans, there was hope for “nacho man.” Dani Sims, wife of Reds relief pitcher Lucas Sims, retweeted the video of what happened, offering a ball.

“We’ll get you taken care of Nacho Man!” Lucas Sims posted on Twitter, after finding out what happened.

Someone with the Reds sent “nacho man” a signed baseball, along with free pizza from Donatos to make up for his nacho mess.

The Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Reds in this game, 14-11 after ten innings, but it wasn’t all bad for ‘nacho man’ and ‘nacho son!’

(Dave Clark/Cincinnati Enquirer)

(Paulina Dedaj/Fox News)