News of the Huh??? (May 2021)

Eric Inda

What a desperate way to plug your Insta

On May 10, 2021, a woman from Miami took herself back to school, not for educational purposes, but to plug her Instagram page.

The 28 year old dressed in a way which was similar to other students, and walked in the school, where she gave out papers telling students to follow her social media.

She wandered around, filming herself doing so, before being confronted by security, claiming she was looking for the school office.

When asked to stop, she refused before taking off for the exits.

What’s most ironic about this story is that the suspect was identified through her Instagram.

 Police went to her house and she was placed into custody, so maybe not the best publicity stunt out there.

(Kyra Shportun/ABC 7 Fort Myers)

Plane lands after passenger refuses mask, sniffs white powder

During a flight from New York to San Francisco, a JetBlue flight made an unexpected stop in Minneapolis after a passenger caused a flight risk by doing basically everything you’re not supposed to do on a plane.

According to witnesses, the passenger refused to wear a mask, yelled slurs at other passengers, and made inappropriate comments to women (even touching one).

At this point, most passengers probably realized that having this man on the flight was going to make this coast to coast flight a lot longer.

The passenger also had a bag of something white, and apparently was sniffing it, and passengers also reported him having a very strong smell on him.

Once the plane landed at the airport, the passenger was brought off the plane by police and the FBI.

He was taken into custody once he was off the plane.

(Staff Report/KSTP 5 Eyewitness News)

Washing machine ruins $26 million lottery ticket

Picture this: against all odds, you’ve won a life-changing amount of money from the lottery, proving everyone wrong and winning the big bucks.

Just one problem: your ticket was just put through the washing machine, and you failed to notice it until it was too late.

There’s no need to picture what I just described, because it happened this month, near Los Angeles. 

A woman bought a lottery ticket, only to have her top prize destroyed in the wash.

Unfortunately for her, the ticket was all ripped up and could not be put back together again.

The prize from this ticket would have made the woman $26 million dollars richer overnight, but if you can’t prove you have the ticket, you can’t win.

Footage from the store which sold this winning ticket shows the woman there, but according to the California Lottery, just the footage isn’t enough to confirm her winnings; however, she may file a claim to have this matter investigated further.

So how can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Put your ticket in a safe place, and take pictures of both the front and back of the ticket in case you lose it, then you might not end up like this unlucky lady.

The store has earned $130,000 for selling that winning ticket. The prize money will go to help schools in California with around $19 million dollars for education.

(April Siese/CBS News)

Cat fleeing fire jumps off 5-story building, walks it off

It was raining cat for a few seconds in Chicago as one jumped off a burning apartment, landing on its feet, and walking away.

The video showing the daring leap was posted on Twitter by the Chicago Fire Department. The video shows the cat falling from the top to bottom, and bouncing off the ground before making a safe landing and strolling away from the burning building.

According to officials, the cat suffered no real injuries, and apparently even tried to get back in the burning building after its leap of faith.

(Rob Picheta/CNN)

Boy hits the Amazon Jackpot, buys over 900 Spongebob popsicles

A family in Brooklyn got a surprise when their boy bought around 50 boxes of Spongebob popsicles off of Amazon.

The boy, Noah, stuck his mother a bill of over $2,600 for the popsicle mania; the problem is, Amazon didn’t allow for it to be returned.

So the mother took to Facebook to ask some fellow students of her university to help out with the costs.

A GoFundMe page was set up to get the costs covered by the public, and they absolutely smashed the original goal, sending over $10,000 to the family to get the costs settled.

Amazon later spoke to the family and donated the cost of the 51 boxes of popsicles to a charity that the family chose. In the end, Noah got his popsicles, the family got their money back, and Amazon chipped in some money for a good cause.

(Staff Report/NBC New York)

It’s Cicada time! Who is gonna see the Brood X?

Every 17 years, the emergence of Brood X cicadas begins in the spring months before the insects lay eggs that will eventually hatch, burrow underground and wait another 17 years to return to a new world.

In 2021, the cicadas have come back, and some people hate it while others are taking advantage of this rare opportunity.

They will be all around the Eastern US, in cities like Washington, New York, Indianapolis, Lexington, and here in greater Cincinnati.

Cicadas, for the most part, do not harm; they’re just annoying as they come out by the billions (yes, billions).

They’ll spend a few weeks from late May to early June doing what cicadas love doing: flying, being eaten by dogs, mating, and making annoying noises which will surely not make people go mad.

Before they die though, the cicadas will be sure to lay their eggs up high in trees, which will then hatch and the baby cicadas will fall from the trees, back into the ground, where the process begins again. In 2038, there will be more Brood X cicadas.

So what are some interesting ways people have been welcoming (or not welcoming) the cicadas?

A chef in Virginia has made tacos, topped wit–you guessed it–cicadas, and some people who have tried it are apparently loving it.

Dogs will tend to eat as many cicadas as they can find, but eating too much can cause them to become sick, so make sure to limit their time outside.

(Staff Report/WLWT News 5)