Boone should consider open lunch policy

Jennifer Sadler, Author

By Jennifer Sadler

Cafeteria food. A packed lunch. Not eating lunch at all.

Though none of these options are really all that fantastic, the students of Boone have learned to make the best out of every pre-packaged salad or hastily thrown together packed lunch that has been thrown at them.

Even if every student has become accustomed to the lunch options they have been given, it won’t stop them from dreaming of the lunch possibilities that lie outside of the commons.

Many students have wanted the option of venturing out of the commons during their respective lunch periods, and it’s time for school and district leaders to consider this change.

Obviously, this could only be made possible with some regulations.

If there were to be a rule about leaving school during lunch, it would only be practical to open this option up to students who are able to drive and who  park their cars at school.

This would allow for students to travel quickly and efficiently to different restaurants near Boone in order to obtain a tasty meal that they couldn’t get from the cafeteria.

There would also have to be some sort of sign in/sign out system to ensure that students would come back to school after travelling beyond school grounds, much like the existing sign in/sign out for dual enrollment of early college students.

Having these restrictions would allow for an easy and uncomplicated way for students to obtain food that they would actually enjoy.

Having the option to leave school grounds for lunch would be very beneficial to students in many ways.

Being able to go out and enjoy food that students would actually enjoy with their friends would really help relieve some of the stress that a typical school day includes.

Having a small break from school away from a confined, loud cafeteria room would benefit students.

They would be able to relax during their stressful school days.

Having this policy would allow for students to have more opportunities for lunch and let them go into their classes being more relaxed, less stressed, and hopefully more focused.

Though many teachers and administrators may believe this plan could have disastrous consequences, the positive effects of having students relieve stress from the school day and being more satisfied with their lunch choices can lead to a happier and more focused student population.

With the proper regulation, this plan could be beneficial to the students of Boone by giving them more freedom in their meal options and may provide more options to students who have a smaller range of foods they like to eat.

Maybe one day, with the proper rules in place, Boone students can say goodbye to cafeteria food and hello to unlimited options beyond the commons.