On behalf of so many who will benefit, thanks

Staff Editorial

March 19, 2020

Students are notorious for complaining over virtually everything possible. Maybe it’s a direct result of wanting to change things for the better, or perhaps teens simply have a flare for the dramatic. Either way, most students...

New Ignite Academy excites student

January 28, 2019

As many of us have heard, a new school is opening its doors next school year. It’s officially known as the Ignite Institute, but most just call it Ignite. Dec. 3 was the last day to apply, but I was sure to submit ...

Boone should consider open lunch policy

Jennifer Sadler, Author

January 28, 2019

Cafeteria food. A packed lunch. Not eating lunch at all. Though none of these options are really all that fantastic, the students of Boone have learned to make the best out of every pre-packaged salad or hastily thrown together packed lunch that has been ...