News of the Huh?? (February Issue 2019)

Emma McGee, Editor in Chief

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Surely it was Willy Wonka

A truck carrying 3,500 gallons of hot liquid chocolate caused trouble on an Arizona interstate when it spilled over and stopped traffic. It took four hours to clean up the river of chocolate and reopen the lanes for use.

The chocolate in the tank was being held at 120 degrees. Something similar happened in Germany two months ago and it took 25 firefighters, shovels and blowtorches to clean up the mess.

At first glance, the chocolate would have looked like mud because the high temperature allowed for the chocolate to stay in its liquid form.

(Dan Cancian/Newsweek)

Iowa lottery winner gets giant $1 check

The dream of winning the lottery has been a part of society for a long time now, and an Iowa man isn’t prepared to stop dreaming. After winning just a dollar through the lottery, Tyler Heep wanted to celebrate in the same way as others who win more.

Winning the dollar through a state scratch-off, Heep requested to be awarded the money through the means of a large check, and the state obliged.

Heep stated that he thought they’d find it funny and that he was surprised no one had asked for the treatment before.

(Nicole Darrah/Fox News)

Not a funny bone

Imagine going to your favorite store to try on some shoes and finding a human bone in a pair of store socks. Well this is exactly what happened to one unsuspecting customer over the holidays at a British department store called Primark.

Primark representative stated that the bone was likely put there by another customer and they apologized profusely to the customer who made the discovery. While there wasn’t any sign of trauma on the bone, it likely caused some trauma with the customer who found it.

Representatives said that they take the matter very seriously and they continue to look into it.

(Jack Guy/CNN)

You don’t know who else has touched that

Sylvia Dungan, a resident of Salinas, Calif., was given a rather early wakeup call when her security systems sensed movement outside her house at 5 a.m. Turns out that a 33-year-old man doing something rather strange was to blame.

On a 3-hour-long videotape, the man was caught licking Dungan’s doorbell. But that’s not the only thing that the man was caught doing.

The man, who now possibly faces misdemeanor charges, was also caught peeing on Dungan’s lawn. Although none of her property was physically damaged, Dungan says that she and her family spent most of the following weekend sanitizing their front porch.

(Rebecca Fishbein/Jezebel)

Too much for the glitterati?

Universal Studios now has a naked troll who farts glitter based off of the widely-known franchise “Trolls,” and some guests are asking how far is too far?

Many are upset by this new character saying that it is inappropriate for children, which is the troll’s target audience.

The new troll is the only one of Universal’s characters that is unclothed and it also does a trio dance with other characters from the franchise. The glitter troll only takes part in the action of the park on certain days, and there is no word on whether or not the troll will be taken away any time soon.

(Kathleen Christiansen/Orlando Sentinel)

Who is buying these tissues?

A company is selling tissues at the steep price of $79.99 in order to give their costumers the choice of when they get sick. Created by the company Vaev, and labelled the VaevTissue, these tissues are designed for when flu season comes around and costumers want to get sick “on their own terms.”

Vaev claims that the tissues are treated with organic ingredients to help your immune system by exposing you to germs. Their goal is to make sickness just as customizable as everything else nowadays.

This may not seem like the best idea for a product, but the VaevTissues have been sold out on their online domain for several months now.

(Marissa Dellatto/New York Post)