Instagram egg a credit to our generation


Emma McGee

Emma McGee

Emma McGee, Editor in Chief

On Jan. 4, a curious photo of an egg was posted on Instagram. This may not seem newsworthy, or worthy to be read about, but the orange-specked egg has now taken the title of most-liked post in the history of Instagram.

The account that initiated this takeover had every intention of it happening, encouraging users to like the post in order to overtake the previous leader, Kylie Jenner’s baby announcement.

But where did this come from? Are we, as a society, putting “like competitions” above the important things going on in our nation? Or is it to distract us from those things?

Many believe that this egg obsession was a good thing, in that it masks the public’s strange need to feel like a part of celebrities’ lives.  Others believe that it is damaging because of our ever-diminishing interest in national and international issues.

I think, however, that this is a much-needed break from the overbearing issues we’re constantly being bombarded with. It is a rather silly way of showing unity in a country that has been divided so bitterly.

This egg is yet another way that my generation’s critics can condemn us, continuing this generation’s reputation of having a frivolous fascination with anything but the things that matter. When my generation shows interest in anything that is deemed unworthy of our time, we are pushed aside.

While maybe we should be focusing on more important issues, this proves that young generations today do have the power to care about things.

This egg is unorthodox and slightly comical, which isn’t a bad thing. We need some things that are deemed unimportant in order to keep our sanity.

By taking the top spot from social media icons such as the unauthentic Jenner, we are taking a step towards distracting ourselves from some of the bad things that aren’t worthy of making us feel bad. This egg is our first move towards a friendly social media atmosphere. It is my generation’s way of rebelling against the facades of social media icons.

Focusing on change in social media isn’t so bad. We need things like this egg to distract us from everything else. It helps us learn that there are more important things than the lives of people with unauthentic identities, especially when we are being governed by one.

So yes, maybe my generation doesn’t care enough about politics in our country, but we are making change through something as insignificant as an egg, and that’s got to count for something in the eyes of our critics.

This may look like a gag to some, but in reality, it is a subtle way for my generation to band together and create change on a topic that hasn’t been changed in too long.

Garnering over 50 million likes, this egg is a symbol for how much social media needs to change.

It is a promising look into the future of social media, showing that a many people are done with the constant need for information on our favorite celebrities.