News of the Huh?? (April 2019 issue)

Luke Ziegler, webmaster

Smells like irony in here

A fire at a crematorium in southern Germany has caused significant damage to the building—but the 20 bodies stored inside remained intact.

A German news agency reported March 14 that the cause of the overnight fire in Schwaebisch Hall, about 110 miles southeast of Frankfurt, was still being investigated.

A German news agency quoted regional police saying the bodies were largely unharmed by the blaze, which is estimated to have caused about 1.5 million euros ($1.7 million) in damages.

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CVS changes its tune

A doctor who pleaded with CVS to change its on-hold jingle is getting his wish.

The Boston Globe reports that a spokeswoman for the pharmacy chain said March 9 the company is in the process of updating its voice-response phone system, including the on-hold music that Dr. Steven Schlozman so hated.

The child psychiatrist penned a tongue-in-cheek letter last year saying the music haunted him “day and night.”

The letter sparked a nationwide debate with some people praising the music and others sharing Schlozman’s sentiments.

Schlozman said he thinks it’s great CVS is making the change, though a CVS spokeswoman did not clarify whether the company is replacing the tune or merely improving sound quality.

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Suspect catches ‘dance bug’

Law-breaking turned into breakdancing at the end of a Southern California vehicle pursuit.

TV news helicopters were overhead March 20 when a suspect pursued by the California Highway Patrol finally surrendered, but broke out into a 10-second dance before being handcuffed.

The pursuit began in the Calabasas area and headed east on U.S. 101 into Los Angeles, then north on Interstate 405 where the motorist exited the freeway in the San Fernando Valley.

A CHP cruiser finally bumped the car and spun it out.

The driver got out with hands up and began to freestyle breakdance before fully complying with officers pointing guns at him.

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Who ya gonna call?

A North Carolina thrift store has earned $1,000 off a hand-carved bedroom suite that may just be haunted.

News outlets reports that Habitat for Humanity’s Rowan County Restore warned would-be customers that the previous owner reported he and his wife had “continuous nightmares” while the furniture was in their bedroom.

Their dogs were also suspicious of the 1950s chest of drawers and canopy bed, and “would not stop barking at it.”

The store’s director of operations, Elizabeth Brady, said two regular customers were intrigued and paid full price, but didn’t believe the furniture was haunted.

As a Christian housing ministry, officials wanted to make a full disclosure to buyers.

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