News of the Huh??? (December 2019)

Parker Helton

Is that fish trying to talk to me?

An unusual fish, which appears to have some very odd markings on its face, is freaking people out after having been spotted in a lake in China.

A tourist visited a village in China and caught the video on his phone and posted it on a Chinese media website. The video shows a carp with what looks like a nose and eyes and a jaw line of sorts.

(Courtney Pochin/The Daily Mirror)

Man’s plan to get fat cat on jet backfires

Mikhail Galin, 34, thought he was smart and tried to swap his cat with a look alike cat so his cat didn’t have to go into the baggage hold during his flight on a Russian commercial jet.

His cat was too heavy to be allowed to sit in the cabin according to the airline, so he set out to try to find a lighter cat. He found a lighter replacement cat and checked in with it.

Galin then tried to swap the cats back, but he was seen by the airport surveillance. As a penalty, the airline confiscated his loyal miles.

(Staff Report/BBC)

Bad luck for an entire crowd

A cat ran across the field during the Monday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.

The cat ran down the field into the Giant’s end zone, and the sportscaster joked that the Cowboys could blame the cat if their season didn’t go as they liked.

(Nick Tony/

Titanic wannabe

A barge that had been stuck for over 100 years was dislodged and started moving down towards Niagara Falls on Oct. 31.

It moved 160 feet closer before it got lodged again, and authorities don’t know when it might move again, or if it might make it all the way to the falls.

The boat has been stuck since 1918 when two deckhands were nearly swept over the falls when the rope snapped that was connecting their boat to a tugboat. When the boat lodge on the rapids, rescuers had a chance to conduct a rescue that took 13 hours.

The wreck is something of a monument at Niagara Park, having been nicknamed “The Iron Scow” and “The Niagara Scow.”

(Tricia Goss/

Unicorn puppy so heckin cute, 14/10

A puppy with a tail growing from his forehead was rescued in Jackson, Mo. in November.

The puppy, named Narwhal, was found with a tail like part growing on his forehead. Narwhal is being held at Mac’s Mission in Jackson.

The employees at Mac’s Mission said that the tail is not life threating and the puppy is otherwise healthy. He will be kept at Mac’s Mission so they can make sure the tail won’t cause any further damage

(Jessie Yeung/CNN)

99 problems and a hose is one

A British couple is facing a fine of 170 pounds—more than $220—after they were found guilty of assaulting their neighbor with a water hose.

Barry and Hellynne Lee, both 72, allegedly drenched Harold Burrows with a hose from their garden while he was cleaning up his driveway after a rain storm. Even when he asked them to stop, they kept going.

He filed an assault report on them, and said he has had difficulties with his neighbors for some time.

(Staff Report/BBC)