2020’s Major Game Release Spotlight

Oliver Myers

Cyberpunk 2077

“Cyberpunk 2077” was originally announced in 2012, but never got an official release date and soon faded into obscurity. Now, seven years later, after an official release date and the addition of Keanu Reeves as a prominent role, the game has surfaced with more hype than ever before.

Adapted from the “Cyberpunk” franchise, “Cyberpunk 2077” takes place in a futuristic, crime infested, and corporation ruled dystopian city. The player takes the role of the completely customizable and upgradable Mercenary V searching for a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality.

Developed by CD Projekt Red, “Cyberpunk 2077” will release on PC, PS4, XBOX One, and the new Google Stadia.

Final Fantasy VII

“Final Fantasy VII,” is considered by many to be the best RPG of all time, is being remade entirely into HD on PS4. The graphics aren’t the only thing the developers changed though.

The game play no longer consists of the turn-based fights many know and love, but real-time gameplay combined with RPG elements from the original. Fans are not angry at this change, however, and actually welcomed it with open arms.

People seemed to be bursting with excitement hooting and howling as Square Enix showed off the fighting mechanics at the E3 2019 press conference.

The Last of Us Part II

Seven years after “The Last of Us” was released on PS3, Naughty Dog is giving fans “The Last of Us Part II,” the long-awaited sequel to an absolutely amazing game, releasing on PS4.

The game takes place five years after the original where Ellie, the main character who is now 19, comes into conflict with a mysterious cult in the post-apocalyptic United States. Gameplay is much the same as the original; the player uses firearms, improvised weaponry, and a mix of stealth to defend against the zombie-like creatures infected by the Cordyceps fungus and enemy humans.

Many critics have praised it for the improvement in graphics, enemy AI, and combat.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Monolith Soft’s game about a boy who can change the future is getting a complete remake in HD on the Nintendo Switch.

Even though fairly unknown, Xenoblade Chronicles is considered the best JRPG of the last decade with its in-depth gameplay and novel-like story. Countless people consider the game worth picking up for the story alone.

The only reason IGN didn’t give the original a full score is because of the poor graphics, so if the remake is able to successfully improve on the original’s graphics it will most definitely hit the 10/10.