How has Boone changed in 10 years? How might in change in 10 more?

Bayleah Vogel

As the 2010s come to an end, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on the previous decade, and predict what the next one will bring. The Rebellion asked several veteran Boone teachers to take a trip down memory lane and gaze into the future. What changes have they noticed at Boone since 2010, and how do they anticipate it will change by 2030?

Linda Pleli – Backward

Linda Pleli has been a math teacher at Boone for 11 years. She believes that Boone has changed a lot since 2010.

One change that she has noticed, is the diversity in the student population and the acceptance of that diversity. She has also noticed an increase in school spirit and student involvement because of the increase in opportunities for students to be involved: board game club, Harry Potter club, archery, pep club, etc.

She also has seen an increase in cell phone and technology use. She feels as if it is isolating to students and it makes it harder for her to talk to them.

Linda Pleli – Forward

Pleli expects to see Boone changing a lot by 2020. She has concerns that students may become even more dependent on their phones than they already are.

She also hopes that there will be more AP and dual enrollment classes available for students, as well as more clubs and opportunities for student involvement.

She also predicts that technology advancements will continue to affect how teachers teach and how students learn.

David Kohl – Backward

David Kohl  has been an English and yearbook teacher at Boone for 25 years. During that time he has witnessed many  changes, especially throughout the past decade.

However, Kohl has decided to highlight the main things that have stayed constant throughout the decade.  He said that Boone is a very diverse school that “embraces all of the backgrounds and personalities” within it.

“This is a place where we embrace and celebrate the very differences that bring us together,” Kohl said.

Kohl also noticed that the staff and administration at Boone are very invested in the students. He said that the principals seem to not only care about the students as students, but they care about them as a whole person.

David Kohl – Forward

Kohl  expects these constants to stay constants.

Michelle Schuster – Backward

Michelle Schuster has been a science teacher at Boone for 22 years. She has been here through the 2010s  and all of the changes at Boone that came along with it.

Schuster noticed that cell phones are something that have become more common in classrooms today.

“Ten years ago a student would be terrified to pull out a cell phone in class, but now it’s normal,” she said.

She also pointed out that more AP and dual enrollment classes have been available for students to take as well as the early college program.

As the cheer coach, she has witnessed the cheer team build itself back up, after program and school lost students with the opening of Cooper. The team won nationals in 2019, and will compete again in 2020 after they won the Kentucky state cheer competition.

Schuster said that one thing that has grown a lot stronger over the past decade is the extra-curricular programs offered at Boone. She believes that there is something at Boone for everyone, if not a sport, then some other type of extracurricular activity.

Michelle Schuster – Forward

Schuster thinks that Boone will be changing a lot by 2020. She thinks that the classroom instruction will be a lot more individualized to cater to each student’s needs.

She also foresees that school work will become more computer based and grades will be based on mastery of standards.

“Students will be tracked according to career paths,” she said. “Juniors and Seniors will be taking college classes.”