News of the Huh??? (February 2020)

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Honey, I kidnapped myself

A man, 55, from Pitalito, Colombia, found a way around telling his fiancée that he wanted to call off their wedding. He and his best friends decided to fake his kidnapping in order to get out of telling her.

The friends of the groom told police that they saw armed motorcyclists abduct their friend. Police responded in full force closing roads, sealing off the town, and initiating a search for him.

After the search started, the friends of the groom eventually broke and told police the truth. The three men may face up to six years in prison.

(Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication )

There is snow fighting today

A campus-wide snowball fight that was due to take place on Jan. 15 was postponed due to snow in Columbia at the University of British Columbia, according to The Daily Hive.

The reason why was because the university thought that the traffic and class cancelations could make it hard for students to participate and put their safety at risk. Instead, the school rescheduled it for the following day.

(Eric Zimmer/ The Daily Hive)

We won!! Never mind…

Two men in Mississippi were accused of scamming the state lottery commissioners by gluing the winning numbers onto a losing lottery ticket. The two men, Russell Sparks, 48, and Odis Latham, 47, claimed to have won $100,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

After being presented with the ticket on Jan. 6, the Mississippi Lottery Corporation called the Flowood Police department. Latham and Sparks pleaded innocent.

(Janelle Griffith /NBC News)

Public temper tantrum

A New Jersey woman lost it at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission on Jan.7. When the woman, Shawna Joseph, 28, was asked to leave after getting mad about the length of the lines, she came back later that afternoon.

Upon arrival back to the Motor Vehicle Commission, Joseph began to smash the computers, assault the employees, and kick the officers who were called in to arrest her. Authorities arrested her, and she was held responsible for approximately $23,000 in damages.

Upon arrest she was found with a marijuana cigarette laced with PCP and was charged with drug possession, criminal mischief, aggravated assault and hindering apprehension.

( Ron Zeitlinger /The Jersey Journal )

Urine the subway station

Everyday in Mexico City, an average of 22 out of all 467 escalators inside the Mexico City subway station break down, according to the Associated Press. Metro authorities released a statement containing the reasons for the break downs, which included “corrosion due to urine.”

Many of the stations do not include public restrooms, which is believed to have been the cause for the amount of urine in the escalators.

“When we open up escalators for maintenance, there is always urine,” Fermin Ramirez, the assistant manager of facilities and rails, said.

(Bradford Betz/Fox News)

Were you raised in a zoo?

An Italian man seeking Swiss citizenship was denied citizenship because he did not know that bears and wolves lived in the same enclosure at his local zoo. He passed other sections of his test like social and civic knowledge.

The questions on Swiss citizenship tests are typically catered to the life of the person taking it.

The man has lived in Switzerland with his family for 30 years. Not until 2015 did they apply for citizenship.

The man’s family was approved of citizenship in 2018, but he was not.

Switzerland’s federal court ruled this unfair because the questions asked in his citizenship test were too specific, according to Swiss media outlet SWI.

(Stephen Sorace/Fox News )