Electives Worth Considering

Catherine Johnson

With so many classes in the course handbook, it can be tempting to just take the recommended core classes and throw in some low effort electives. To make the process a little less overwhelming, here are some of the most interesting (and useful) classes that students tend to overlook.

AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory introduces students to the basics of reading, writing, and analyzing music.

The class starts at the very beginning with pitch names and rhythms, but quickly moves on to more complicated concepts.

As students develop a better understanding of music, they develop an appreciation for all types of music.

Thomas More  Environmental Science

Environmental Science is a Thomas More Dual Enrollment class taught at Boone’s campus by Lenny Beck.

The class meets three times a week. Students will perform weekly labs designed to better understand life on Earth and how humans affect it.

The class also includes four field trips that allow students to observe and learn in a wider setting than what is available on campus.

Knowledge gained in this class will help students understand the impact of human development on wildlife, as well as what they can do to limit it.

Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way is a company that has designed science programs for schools across the country to implement.

The Biomedical Science program that is offered at Boone consists of four classes, each building upon the last.

These classes are designed to introduce students to the field of biomedical science through hands-on learning.

Students can expect to design and perform a number of experiments as they learn about the human body and the marvels of engineering developed to help it.

3D Design

Taught by Mike Hughes, 3D Design introduces students to the software and techniques involved in 3D printing.

Students learn to use the difficult software to create their own designs, and they can print them using one of the five 3D printers in Hughes’ classroom.

This class is part of the game design pathway.

Due to the complexity of the software, Hughes recommends this class to strong math or engineering students, as well as anyone with a passion for design.

Project Based Programming (App Design)

A new addition to Boone’s course book, App Design exposes students to the growing field of mobile app development.

Students work in groups to plan, design, and program their own apps.

In a world where “there’s an app for everything,” this class is a useful introduction to a potential career field.

French III Honors /AP French

Most students take two semesters of a foreign language before they graduate from Boone, but the upper level French classes allow for an especially immersive look into the culture, language and literature of French-speaking countries.

These classes are taught almost entirely in French.

According to teacher Nikki Sinclair, students keep up on current events, listen to French music and even read one or two authentic French novels.

AP U.S. Government and Politics

With five to choose from, the social studies department boasts the highest number of AP classes available at Boone.

AP Gov is one of the less popular ones. A mixture of history and current events, AP Gov teaches students how the United States government operates.

Alison Sutton, who teaches the class, says that it’s important for students to know what’s going on in their government.

“We all need to be more worldly aware,” Sutton said.