On behalf of so many who will benefit, thanks

Staff Editorial

Students are notorious for complaining over virtually everything possible. Maybe it’s a direct result of wanting to change things for the better, or perhaps teens simply have a flare for the dramatic.

Either way, most students don’t have a problem voicing their opinions on how they believe Boone should function, what it should look like, and all the luxuries it should include.

It is not uncommon for administrators to agree with the kids’ arguments, but more often than not, those desired alterations lie above the teachers’ and principals’ pay grades.

This year, however, many students’ wishes have finally come true.

From a new auditorium to a turf field, Boone is undergoing some major renovations to its campus over the next few years.

Considering one could likely hear the students cheering from across the street during Schlotman’s pep rally announcement, it’s safe to say that some of the kids are really excited for the school’s remodeling.

We’ve told you all about exactly what the new upgrades will be. Now we want to say thank you to everyone who helped initiate these changes.

On behalf of the current and future Boone students who will enjoy these renovations, thank you to the Boone County School Board for recognizing the need and allocating this money that will better the school and community.

Thank you to Dr. Randy Poe for withstanding the onslaught of twitter messages and other communications over the years and for following through with these renovations when the funds became available.

Thank you to the district leadership for overseeing the transition from ideas to plans to actual facilities.

Thank you to the school administrators for being the communication line between the students and the district and for advocating for the students.

Thank you to Mr. Schlotman for consistently fighting for Boone and its students, and for always being the music department’s greatest outside supporter. You did what no one before you could.

Thank you to Dan and Lauren Barnhill for building successful  music programs that inspired people to dream of new facilities.

Thank you to the coaches who worked within the limits of what was available and explored ways to go beyond those limits.

Thank you to the students, for voicing their concerns and wanting to improve Boone.

On behalf of the choir students who have wanted a performance space large enough for their audience for years, thank you.

On behalf of the theater and band programs that are finally getting a real orchestra pit, thank you.

On behalf of the athletes and coaches who have done their best with the current facilities and are finally getting the upgrades they deserve, thank you.

As students at Boone, we have been waiting for these renovations for what seems like forever. Not only that, but we have worked hard in class and in our extracurriculars to prove to the Boone County School Board that we are deserving of these campus upgrades.

The staff and coaches at Boone have worked hard themselves to prove to the school board that we deserve the upgrades. They have pushed their students and athletes to do their best at all times and improve their grades and their athletic or musical abilities.

For their part, Boone’s administration has worked hard to hold events that showcase the talents of Boone students.

Events such as 2019’s ‘Why Boone?” and  2020’s “Legacy Night” help improve our school’s reputation in the community.

We’ve known for years that Boone is a school full of hard working and talented individuals. Finally, the community is starting to recognize that.

So thank you, Boone. Without each and every one of you, this would never have been possible.

Here’s to the future of Boone County High School. Thank you, and congratulations.