Senior didn’t sign up for journalism, but it became her ‘greatest class’

Autumn Jones

Autumn Jones

Autumn Jones

I had never signed up for journalism and had no intention of taking it. However, after a scheduling error, I found myself walking into the journalism classroom at the start of my second semester as a junior.

I was worried, concerned, and a little bit annoyed. I thought it was one big mistake. However, it turned out to be the greatest mistake of my high school experience.

Journalism gave me a whole new perspective on what was possible. For a long time I did not think I liked writing or that I was good at it.

I did not think that journalism had anything to do with my future goal of becoming a lawyer, but I was wrong.

Journalism taught me that writing did not have to look like the traditional English class essay. It gave me confidence that I could write quality work.

I never enjoyed writing as much as I did in journalism. Journalism improved my writing skills across all areas, including writing case briefs for teen court.

Journalism gave me a sense of pride. It felt great working on something bigger than myself.

There is nothing as satisfying as holding a copy of the latest edition of the Rebellion and knowing that your work is highlighted in it.

I recall rushing home to show my family the article I wrote. I remember feeling proud when my peers, teachers, and family would stop and tell me they enjoyed my story.

I learned more than just writing. I learned about page design and art of interviewing people. I can see these skills being useful in my future.

I liked the collaboration among all the other reporters in the class. They were always there to help and guide me anytime I got stuck while working on a piece.

The journalism class was a community where there was a perfect balance between work and fun. I always felt accepted. My interests were appreciated and sometimes deemed story worthy.

I have been involved in numerous activities during high school, but journalism is one of the ones that I have enjoyed the most.

I think students overlook journalism or feel intimidated by it, but it is such a rewarding activity to be a part of. Yet, journalism is a club that gives so many benefits for such entertaining work.

Overall, journalism gave me a new passion and hobby. It is an activity I look forward to participating in again. I will never forget the memories of the greatest high school class I took.