News of the Huh??? (December 2020)

Abby Vickers

If you give a moose a shot

In attempts to show off his fancy footwork and amazing shooting skills, a soccer-playing-moose stole the show after coming across an empty playing field in Homer, Alaska. After kicking the ball around between his legs for a bit, the athletic moose somehow managed to kick the ball in the direction of the goal.

The crowd went wild as the moose walked nonchalantly across the field. Maybe he got his skills from practicing with his other wildlife friends in the woods.

(Ron Dicker/

Pup came out green. Still cute. Would cuddle. 13/10

Everyone thinks their dog is special, but this dog might just be close to extraordinary. An Italian farmer meant to breed a litter of five white dogs in early October, but one of the five actually came out green.

The green color is said to have most likely been caused when the puppies were in their mother’s womb. The pup most likely got the green fur when he came in contact with the biliverdin in the mother’s body.

The color of the puppy’s fur will eventually fade back to the original white color after a while, but the owner of the puppies named the dog Pistachio since it seemed fitting.

(Caitlin O’Kaine/

In Indonesia, money really DOES grow on trees

You would think 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, but now money really does grow on trees in the form of coconuts!

The Venus One Tourism Academy, a hospitality college in Gianyar, Indonesia, is allowing their students who are struggling due to the economic slowdown to pay their college tuition in natural materials such as coconuts, moringa leaves and gotu kola.

The school then uses these collected materials to harvest virgin coconut oil and make products like herbal soap that they can sell on campus to raise money for the school.

(Ben Hooper/

As if the pandemic couldn’t get any crazier, a monkey is stealing blood samples

The pandemic has been going on for so long that even the animals think something needs to get done.

A brave monkey took one for the team and broke into one of Nepal’s largest government hospitals to steal, not one, but multiple blood samples from three coronavirus patients.

During the heist, the monkey attacked a lab technician, acquired the vials and some surgical gloves (safety first), and escaped to the top of a tree where he sat with the samples. More fresh samples have been collected at the hospital. 

(Sanya Jain/

Shamu saves train

A perfectly placed giant whale statue prevented a train from plummeting into the water below after the train shot through a stop block at a metro station near Rotterdam, Netherlands.

This heroic statue not only saved the train, but also the conductor as well. There were no other passengers in the vehicle, but there was also no way the driver would have survived without the strength of the whale’s tail.

(Jenn Mills/

Saving Nixon’s 60-year-old sandwich

Some people keep pictures, others collect coins from across the country, but this Illinois man kept a 60-year-old sandwich that was partially eaten by President Richard Nixon himself. 

Steve Jenne scavenged the leftovers of a barbecue buffalo sandwich that had been served to Nixon on Sept. 22, 1960, after the then vice president had made a campaign stop in his hometown.

Jenne and his fellow boy scouts had been asked to serve as an honor guard for Nixon that day, and when the sandwich was left alone on a paper plate without a soul in sight to claim it, Jenne took it for himself. The young boy then raced home to show his mother his newly collected souvenir. 

Jenne then asked his mother to freeze the sandwich for preservation purposes and she did just that. She put the sandwich in a plastic bag, then inside an apple sauce jar, and then finally into the freezer where it still is today in Jenne’s new home.

This unusual keep-sake bought Jenne a place on the “Tonight Show” as a guest appearance in 1988, and it inspired him to even publish a book about it called “The Sandwich That Changed My Life!” Jenne plans to keep this sandwich for as long as possible.

(Natalie Musumeci/