News of the Huh??? (January 2021)

Abby Vickers

The mystery of the moving monoliths

Maybe aliens do exist. Tall, metal monoliths were being found throughout the month of December in random places worldwide.

These 10-12 foot structures have been found in places such as Utah, California, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Texas. They seem to resemble the monolith featured in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which could be the reason behind the alien conspiracy theories they have inspired. 

Though various people have claimed credit for different monoliths, no one seems to know the whole story, but everyone’s wondering the same thing: are people making these, or could it perhaps be extraterrestrial life?

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Pig feeding robot with a taste for Mozart

Mozart would be proud. A Brazilian pig-feeding robot that plays classical music while giving the animals food has hit the markets as a way for farmers to cut costs amid the pandemic.

A privately-owned company named Roboagro claims that classical music reduces the animals’ stress while the rest of the machine can divide the food equally among the pens. The company also said that farmers who use this technology can improve the feed conversion ratio of pigs, increasing animal quality.

The robot is in use in some 500 farms in Brazil, and the numbers are still growing.

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Who needs a piggy bank when you have a nose?

A Russian man stuffed a coin up his right nostril when he was only six, and being too scared to tell his mom, didn’t get it removed until 53 years later!

The coin hadn’t bothered the man until he was not able to breathe out of his right nostril due to Rhinoiths, or stones in the nasal cavity being formed around the coin, blocking his ability to breathe.

The man had to get an endoscopic surgery for the coin’s removal, but luckily he fully regained his breathing.

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Double take on the double snake?

Medusa must have gotten a haircut because this animal seemed as though they came straight out of a myth. A woman named Jeannie Wilson came upon a rare two-headed snake in her sunroom early October 2020.

Wilson was at first stunned after seeing the snake out of the corner of her eye while she was cleaning, but after examining the reptile a bit, Wilson gave the beast the nickname “Double-Trouble” and then gave it to the Catawba Science Centre in Hickory, North Carolina after reaching out to Facebook for feedback.

(Staff Report/Sky News)

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear wings.

An Australian man’s pet parrot, Eric, saved his owner from a house fire just in time before the fire could have spread and killed him.

The owner of the house and bird, Anton Nguyen, said that he had heard a bang and Eric had started to yell, so he went to investigate the situation. After smelling smoke, Nguyen grabbed Eric and came outside to see his house in flames.

Firefighters arrived just a little after 2:00 am., and luckily Nguyen and his heroic companion were safe with no injuries.

(Staff Report/Sky News)

What a hoot

2020 was full of surprises, but this little surprise is probably one of the cutest.  In mid-November, a tiny saw-whet owl was found in the Manhattan Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

The little stowaway was discovered when the transporter of the tree and his wife found it hiding in the 75-foot-long spruce. No one knows exactly how the owl got in the tree in the first place, but luckily there were no injuries found.

The Ravensbeard Wildlife Center will be giving the owl, who they gave the suitable name Rockefeller, a soft release into the surrounding woods around the wildlife center so that they could always come back to a platform to get food after an unsuccessful night of hunting.

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