News of the Huh??? (March 2021)

Eric Inda

Man brings Lincoln Memorial to himself, in snow form

A man from New Jersey built a 14-foot tall replica of the Lincoln Memorial statue outside his house in Cranford Westfield.

Robert Schott had built the frame of the memorial using materials such as plywood, along with recruiting some help to assemble the sculpture.

It took Schott a few days to fully complete the snow statue, but he got it done in the end, and it stood in all its glory over the quiet neighborhood.

(Janine Puhak/Fox News)

Not the weirdest thing from Russia: Dogs are turning blue & pink

In the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk, some dogs happen to be turning blue & pink.

The city is located near an abandoned chemical plant which once produced acid that helped to make blue dye, which is what experts believe may be the cause of the colorful dog phenomenon.

Scientists found that there was no evidence of any chemical burns.

So why are some dogs pink? Nobody really knows. It’s believed it could be from a chemical dump near the city which was left after the Cold War.

Officials have not commented on the reason for the dogs being pink and called the belief of a chemical dump turning the pooches pink “exaggerated.”

(Hannah Sparks/New York Post)

Want a COVID Vaccine? Try entering this Ohio county lottery

Summit County, Ohio, which is home to cities like Akron, has recently done something to deal with the overwhelming demand for the coronavirus vaccines.

The public health service of the county created a lottery to deal with the high demand of people in need of a COVID vaccine.

How have people felt about this? It depends on who is asked. Some have been thankful while others think it’s an issue.

This lottery goes on a week-by-week basis. Everyone who is eligible is included in the drawing, which is over 100,000 residents of Summit County.

Whoever is in the vaccine lottery is based on Ohio’s vaccine rollout schedule, which as of Mar. 19, is in Phase 2C and 1E which includes people 40 years of age and older, and individuals with medical conditions such as cancer, obesity, heart disease and others.

(Jennifer Conn/Spectrum News 1)

Tired of picking up your food before a flight? Have a robot deliver it to your airport gate!

If you’ve ever been to an airport, you’ve probably seen the food options there, but taking a long walk to the food stand can be annoying, especially if you’re constantly going back and forth.

Maybe not at the Philadelphia International Airport, where staff rolled out a robot which allows passengers to order their food through an app.

These robots, known as Gita robots, are able to carry up to 40 pounds of food and can reduce human interaction.

Contactless delivery has been more important than ever in these times, and reception has been quite positive.

For an additional price of $2.99, the food can be delivered anywhere in the airport by a robot who will follow an employee to the gate and deliver the food to the customer.

Currently, the Gita robots are only a temporary feature at the airport; however, the airport will look at customer feedback to look into utilizing the robots in the future.

(Ann Schmidt/Fox News)

New Jersey neighborhood gets flooded with sewage, gives residents poopy day

Heading back to New Jersey where we’re not seeing a giant Abraham Lincoln snow statue, but instead a stinky surprise.

In Atlantic County, New Jersey, raw sewage leaked onto the streets of the area, which flooded streets around the epicenter of the leak.

Local crews had plans of installing a bypass pipe to stop the sewage leak while they work on the main sewer pipe which caused the leak.

Officials have stated that people around the area should stay away from the dirty water and avoid driving through it.

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority stated that there was “no immediate health risk” and that “this does not impact the safety of drinking water.”

(Noah Cohen/

Woman finds a whole kilo of cocaine at a Seattle thrift shop

In Seattle, a woman who purchased a crafting kit at a local thrift shop later discovered that it included a kilogram of cocaine inside.

The woman bought the kit to make animal hats using materials like fabric and yarn.

After buying the kit, she opened the package to find a heavy object covered in yellow rubber, which gave off a suspicious smell and had “100%” written on it.

She proceeded to call the police, who took the package and investigated it, later confirming it to be a kilogram of cocaine, which was confiscated and placed as evidence.

(News Staff/KOMO)