When is it okay to start listening to Christmas music?

Jasmine Padilla and Peyton Waymeyer

Don’t miss the present season by looking ahead to Christmas season

Don’t you just get annoyed when it’s not even Halloween yet and people are already decorating their houses with Christmas decorations and listening to the most jolly Christmas songs?

Or when you walk in a store and there’s nothing but Christmas things on all of the walls?

Christmas songs should be listened to maybe a week after Thanksgiving at the earliest, or at the beginning of December.

If you start celebrating Christmas before Halloween even starts, you’re skipping over Halloween and Thanksgiving.

These holidays might not be as big or as popular as Christmas, but I think that they should be celebrated.

People who start playing Christmas music in October might not see how great these holidays are, and they might not get to appreciate and recognize the changes that are happening all around.

The leaves are changing colors from green to yellow and red, and the animals are adapting and changing from spring to winter.

But some people are so eager for snow that they are missing the changing seasons.

Even though it’s getting cold, there are still days where it is just the right temperature that people can go outside without sweating and without needing a jacket.

I know some people start preparing for Christmas gifts months before, and I am totally fine with that because I understand the struggle of finding presents, but that does not mean decorating and listening to music and all the jolly stuff that comes with Christmas.

All that jolly stuff can wait until December.

If it brings you happiness and joy, listen to Christmas music whenever

There is Halloween music and Christmas music, but what do you listen to during Thanksgiving? A bunch of turkeys gobbling?

Some people listen to Christmas music at the end of October or the beginning of November, but if the music makes you happy, there should not be a certain time to listen to the holly jolly music.

Christmas has always been the holiday that a majority of people talk about, so numerous people prepare to celebrate it after Halloween.

This doesn’t have to be full on decorating their houses, but they prepare for how they will celebrate, and listening to the music gets people in the holiday spirit.

Even in school, some students are in groups that are preparing for Christmas performances or assignments. For example, I am in Chamber Choir and Journalism, and we started preparing for our Winter concert and December issue in October, so Christmas music gets us in the spirit.

Some people like to listen to Christmas music while decorating their Christmas tree, and why wait till December?

One month is a short period to have a tree up after all that work that we put into decorating it.

Music should have no limits. The music gets us in a holly jolly mood so why wait to listen to it?

So don’t worry about if it is too early. If Christmas is your favorite time of the year, then go ahead and listen to the music.

It is never a bad thing to be happy, and if this music is the way to do it, then listen to it as early as you want.