Who’s putting QR Codes up in the school?

Retail Marketing will use codes for Spiridemic shop


Tristen Miller

Senior Tyler Krohman of the Retail Marketing class scans the QR code in the business hallway on Nov. 5.

Tristen Miller

What do you get when you cross a snake and a pie? A piethon!

Students who want more jokes like this can find them scattered along the walls on the second floor of Boone.

The mastermind behind all of these jokes is Retail Marketing teacher Jennifer Inman.

“The Class was studying QR codes and how they are used for retail marketing,” Inman said. “The QR codes in the halls were a fun way to personally experience using a QR code.”

The QR codes were a scavenger hunt for the students.

Students had a paper full of the punchlines and they had to go around the halls and look for the answer to fill out their paper.

The Retail Marketing class teaches students a number of things, like how to support a business and how to improve leadership and communication skills.

Senior Tyler Krohman said that the assignment was a “great idea” and also said that it was a “fun, relaxing assignment.”

Inman said that people have become much more accustomed to using QR codes to access information, especially during COVID.

QR codes have been used by the school in several ways.

They have been put in the high school’s library to help students find books more easily and at athletic events to help spectators find online tickets to sporting events.

In all, the projects were a way to create awareness of the spiridemic shop at Boone according to Inman. QR codes may be seen in the halls in the future for things such as coupons, pop ups, and links to the school website so the retail marketing class can get more people aware of the shop.

Senior Reem Zeibak said that students plan to use this in the spiridemic shop by making customers scan the QR codes for discounts and to look through the store.

Inman said they definitely have plans to apply the lesson to the shop.

“Be watching for our QR codes throughout the school.”