2021’s most memorable TikTok trends


Jasmine Padilla

Let’s bring back some memories and remember some of TikToks biggest trends in a mashup of dances, challenges, and filters.

I understood the assignment 

“I understood the assignment” trends came from the song “The Assignment” by musical artist Tay Money and it became very popular. It was used by people showing off their skills and their successes, such as one person showing off her weight loss journey.

Dom Toretto and family

The TikTok trend and internet meme was inspired by Vin Diesel’s character Dom in the “Fast and Furious” movies because Dom is always making sure that family is everything.

The trend is where someone is doing something regularly like cooking or swimming and they do something wrong like burn the food and they say something that has to do with family before Dom Toretto’s face appears and says something like ¨Did you say family?¨ and then ¨Family is everything.¨

VHS filter

This trend is where people are putting the retro filter on that makes everything look retro like if it were being recorded on a VHS. the filter was most viral on April 11 when a TikTok user @bertualonso uploaded a video telling the viewers to try out the filter and see what will happen.

Passing the phone

In this challenge, friends are calling out their other friends’ bad habits or any minor flaws by roasting each other for the fun of it.

It first started on TikTok in March where someone says “I’m giving or im passing the phone to” and then saying something like “the girl with the longest hair” and then that person does it to someone else.

Some of the call outs are not as nice, but for the most part, people are joking.

I’ll never forget you 

The trend allowed the user to give a shout out, which was usually something good like a cute encounter they had with someone in their past that they still strongly remember, or like a random act of kindness from a stranger, or being seated next to someone who turned out to become a long-lasting friend.The audio is from a clip from the Noisettes 2009 song “Never Forget You.”

Questions I get asked 

This trend mainly focuses on some questions you get asked a lot and hand movements that are coordinated with the beat of the song. It started somewhere in August, and this trend does not apply to just certain people; it is for anyone who has been asked a lot of the same questions and is trying to straighten things up.

Devious Lick

This trend is one of the more serious trends mostly because students were damaging school bathrooms and stealing things from the school like soap dispensers, toilet paper, or anything that could be removed.

Lick is slang for theft, and this trend featured the creator making videos stealing or damaging something, such as flooding toilets and sinks, leaking soap all over the floors, and even breaking stalls and pieces off the ceiling.

Students across the country started taking bigger things like fire hydrants, and even whole toilets. School principals were soon disciplining students and some bathrooms were even closed because the vandalism created unsafe conditions.

Walk challenge

The walk challenge is all about a close-up of the user’s belly while walking, and it might even  seem simple. The video starts off with the creator of the video showing their face and then showing a slowed close-up of their stomach while they walk.