Prom Styles ’22

What is Prom without the dress? After prom, we reflect on the different trends of the different dresses spotted at prom.

Peyton Waymeyer

Fit & Flare

  • This is a fun look as it is tight at the top and really grows out at some point.
  • Mermaid-style dresses flare at the knees and typically include tulle at the bottom.
  • Some fit and flare dresses flare out at the hips and waist.


  • Fabrics like silk and satin provide a soft look.
  • Tulle is the fun fabric that gives the dresses body and makes them go poof!
  • Cotton and linen are the more “natural” materials that are used for more boho dress styles.

Sequins & Beading

  • This adds a different touch to a dress, as embroidery and beading can be both boho and glam.
  • Beading adds that sparkle to a dress to make it have more of a kick.
  • Sequins are a glamorous look that shines.

Off Shoulder

  • This is a look that shows skin without showing “too much.”
  • It is a way that girls can make their dresses more breathable.

Flowing Dresses

  • These drapey dresses provide a graceful and elegant look that sways.
  • Flowy looks are created with delicate silk, satin, or softer fabrics.