“Allegedly” is a suspenseful murder mystery novel that is hard to put down


“Allegedly” is a suspenseful 2018 murder mystery novel by Tiffany D. Jackson.

Haley Panko

“Allegedly” is a 2018 murder mystery novel by Tiffany D. Jackson that has so much suspense that readers cannot stop reading it.

Mary is a 15-year-old who becomes notorious after she is accused of killing an infant when she was younger.When the book begins, Mary has survived a jail term then makes it to a group home that she does not quite enjoy. Mary does have her moments when she becomes violent with other girls in the group home with her.

These other girls also have their own story and criminal history, and the girls physically get into fights and belittle each other.

There is one girl (Kelly) who has a strong willed personality and she acts like the leader of all of the girls. Some girls don’t let that slide and so they stand up to her to stop Kelly from being such a control freak.

Mary realizes that she is pregnant, but she doesn’t want to tell the others that she is pregnant because she most likely will not  be able to keep her baby.

The big question is what is going to happen to Mary and her baby, and will she be able to keep it or not?

People who like suspense novels and mystery novels would enjoy “Allegedly.” The author leaves readers wondering about Mary and her crime and if she actually did it, and whether Mary’s life will look better or worse in the future.

Before recommending the book to someone, readers should know that it has racial slurs and a lot of cursing and violence. The book may not be appropriate for some under 13. 

This book encourages readers to consider its message: lying doesn’t result in good in most situations. The author also leaves readers questioning whether there is going to be a second book based on the ending of the first book.