Relationships drove senior to achieve goals, build memories


Grace Robinson

Walking into room 220 on my first day of freshman year is a moment that I will never forget.

Being a quiet book worm, I was nervous about meeting new people in my classes, especially a class that was a mix of all grades and ages.

With journalism being collaborative, I didn’t know how I would speak to my peers without being anxious.

However, on that first day of my freshman year, the first person that I noticed was Oliver Myers.

He and I  went to elementary and middle school together, and he was always a good friend of mine, and we have become close over the past four years.

One thing that I admire about Oliver is that he has the ability to not only write amazing stories but also give positive feedback.

Oliver has inspired me to always look at what is best in my stories and not focus on the bad.

Knowing one person in my class, I felt more comfortable speaking to my other peers.

I sat next to a boy who was in my first block English honors class. I didn’t know much about him besides the fact that he played basketball and talked a lot.

That boy was Robert Butler, and Robert and I instantly became friends.

Robert and I had many things in common: we both loved sports and had the same interesting allergies.

I have watched Robert grow in his stories and as a person; he has award-worthy page design, and has a skill in captivating a reader.

I consider Robert one of my best friends who never fails to make me laugh and has made a huge impact in my life.

It wasn’t until my junior year that I met Peyton Waymeyer.

Peyton was a freshman who I realized was very quiet, and it took some time for me and her to actually start talking. I noticed that Peyton is a phenomenal writer we have things in common that I share with no one else.

I consider Peyton a little sister and a best friend, and she and I have a bond that I never would have expected.

Peyton creates pages that catch the attention of viewers and has taught us many different things about page design. I’m so excited to see where she ends up, and I know that nothing will hold her back.

For the past four years, I have had nothing but support from my teacher Lance Melching. He has taught me everything that I needed to know for journalism.

He has put me on a path to better myself and has gone through with all of my crazy ideas for this class.

Not only is he an amazing teacher, but he has a superior cookie cake recipe that he refuses to give to me.

He has impeccable music taste and has a great sense of humor that has gotten me through some pretty dark days.

He is a talented writer and does so much for the students here at Boone.

I have had the honor of taking this course for the past four years, and I have also met some extremely talented people who were upperclassmen who related to me and taught me the way of journalism.

People like Bayleah Vogel and Sam Colmar are who I looked up to, for they were both so experienced with journalism, and they have graduated and are now successful.

These many relationships have helped me achieve many goals.

I had the opportunity to be the head editor, and it has been a privilege working with everyone in the class.

I am so proud of The Rebellion, and it will forever hold a place in my heart. It saved my high school experience and has given me many opportunities that I will never forget.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and I will always look at the website and look forward to what the underclassmen write.