Bringing back the book fair would be good for students

Jasmine Padilla

Jasmine Padilla

Jasmine Padilla

Has anyone noticed that after middle school, there have been no book fairs?

We should bring the book fair back and all its connections and stories it has made.

Since as long as I can remember, the book fair has always brought me joy and happiness. I always remember being so happy and excited, and thats not just because of the books, but also because they always had something for everyone.

After elementary school I never really saw the book fair. I saw it a couple of times in middle school, but once I got in high school I have not yet seen a book fair.

But why? Are they trying to say high school kids don’t like books and activities?

What is so different about high school that we don’t have a book fair anymore?

It can’t be because there is no time, because I know plenty of kids who have nothing to do half of the time.

There are so many reasons why we should fight to bring back the book fair.

Maybe it will give the students more reading opportunities and also something to look forward to, unlike the humongous books with thousands of old dry dusty pages we’re given now.

When we were kids and they told us to read a book, they gave us those little books with so many pictures but so few words. I don’t necessarily want a bright, colorful, 3-page book with a bunch of pictures, but I also don’t want a dusty old book.

I want it somewhere in between there, with books with a little bit of color and humanity but also books that give a great, longer story.

The book fair is great for providing books with life, books that don’t make me feel bored, but excited and interested.

The benefits are also educational.

According to Jeffrey Wilhelm, a professor of English education at Boise State University, reading for pleasure is a better predictor of long-term success than coming from a wealthy family or having parents who went to college.

So for all these reasons, we should bring back the book fair.