Between COVID and growing up, Christmas 2021 will be different

Peyton Waymeyer

Peyton Waymeyer

Peyton Waymeyer

COVID during Christmas was like a winter without any snow. But now that COVID is finally slowing down, we wonder what Christmas is going to be like.

When we were all little, we felt like we had no limits when it came to Christmas. We listened to music that instantly made us happy, we sat down with hot chocolate and watched movies, and we went out and looked at Christmas lights around the area.

We felt that Christmas was amazing because this mysterious guy gives us treats and presents that we have been wanting for so long to receive.

But last year we were still at home, and it felt like none of that magic could happen.

Now that COVID is in retreat and things are opening back up, will this year feel like Christmas used to? Or will it all be new to us somehow?

Christmas has changed for our age group, and COVID hasn’t helped. I feel that as we grow up, we start to get excited to see our families, but last year that was taken away from us.

This year when we go home for winter break, we can finally relax, see family, and think about how great Christmas truly is.

Maybe we don’t believe in Santa anymore, but now we can bond with our parents more. We can buy gifts for our parents or even just hang out with them which could strengthen our bond with them.

Christmas is a time to spend with those that we love, and that means that we can call friends to hang out with. Hot chocolate and movies are for all age groups, or maybe we could hop on an ice rink and skate.

As we grow up we should appreciate things more, so don’t waste our winter break. Christmas might not be the same, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be a memorable one.