Prom dos and don’ts


Samuel Colmar

The crowd dances at Prom at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati on April 2.

Peyton Waymeyer

What is prom?

Prom is an event that is well known for teens.  But for those who have never been, what can you do to prepare both mentally and physically for prom?

To answer this question, people that have been to prom were interviewed for advice on how to enjoy this milestone event.

Have a safe plan for after prom

Prom is an event that is meant for having fun.

The night does not have to end when prom does, and there are many ways that you could continue the fun.

Maybe go bowling, go to a bonfire, and or just chill out with friends, maybe even in your dress clothes to feel fancy and fun.

Although prom is known for being fun, remember to stay safe and make safe decisions.

Go with comfortable company

Find comfortable company, whether it is a group of friends or a date. Make sure that they don’t cause drama and that they make you happy.

If you are not already in a relationship, then don’t worry about finding a date, as it can be fun to spend the event with friends.

Wear comfortable clothes

No matter your gender, the most advised thing is to make sure your outfit is comfortable. So you may be asking how do you make sure that your clothes are comfortable?

First, find an outfit that makes you feel great.

Second, bring a more comfortable pair of shoes. If you want to look formal for the pictures, wear your formal shoes only for the pictures.

Third, consider wearing shorts under your dress so you don’t show more than you want by accident.