What We Do in the Summer

Disc Golf

Disc golf is really the perfect summer pastime. It’s great exercise, it’s social, it’s fun, and it’s super easy to pick up.

On a warm sunny day, nothing is better than enjoying the outdoors, and disc golf is a perfect opportunity to do just that. Idlewild Park is home to one of the best courses in America, and it’s just 15 minutes from Boone.

You can pick up a starter set of discs for around $25 at any local sports retailer store, or grab a couple used from Play it Again Sports. Just don’t forget to bring water!

By Samuel Colmar


During the summer when it is too cold to swim, or raining too hard to be outside, bowling is a perfect alternative. Bowling is a great activity for families or friends to have a little friendly competition.

Bowling is one of the most relaxing yet fun activities for the summer because it is a sport that allows people to take breaks.

Bowling is a great way to bond with friends or family because people can have a couple laughs and enjoy time together.

There are two bowling alleys within seven minutes of school: the recently remodeled Strike and Spare in Erlanger and the Florence Bowling Center, which is the home of the Boone County bowling teams.

By Peyton Waymeyer

Campfire Activities

In the summer, there are plenty of things to do during the day, but what about at night?

One of the best activities to do on a cool summer night is sitting around a campfire in your backyard.

Having a campfire is a great way to relax after a long day. You can listen to music, cook food, and talk to friends.

A couple essentials you’ll need include a fire pit, logs and fire starter. You might also want to bring a speaker, skewers, and a cooler.

Just make sure no one falls in the fire and you’re bound to have a great night.

By Robert Butler


One of the best things to do in summer is something that pretty much the whole family can enjoy: going to the pool. From the drinks, to the cool water to laying out in the sun, there is just something for everyone.

The Florence Aquatic Center is reopening this summer with all the exciting areas including a place for little children to have the same experience without having to worry.

It will keep the family occupied while having fun and not fighting or arguing, and when everyone gets home and at the end of the day, they’ll be ready to get a good night’s sleep.

By Jasmine Padilla

Arts & Crafts

Summer is near and getting crafty is just the way to be occupied without overheating. Scour the internet to find some dandy arts and crafts ideas, and then stop at your nearest Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Crafts can help complement hobbies: soothe that green thumb by making plastic bottle hanging planters or enhance the pool deck with towel slipcovers for lounge chairs.

It’s an endless endeavor that is very accessible because most supplies can be found around the house.

A personal favorite includes crochet which is quite the stress reliever. You can wind down at the beach or next to a fan and crochet a cute summer look.

By Iman Hassan

Movie Theater

As summer rolls on and the oppressive Cincinnati humidity becomes a daily irritation, there’s no better refuge than escaping to a dark, air-conditioned theater for a few hours.

Whether viewers want a popcorn blockbuster, an animated kids flick, a violent slasher, or contemplative Oscar-bait, movie theaters are the perfect way to escape the onslaught of push notifications, doom-scrolling and the latest crises threatening the world.

This summer serves up sequels (“Thor: Love and Thunder,” “Jurassic World Dominion”), a Pixar prequel (“Lightyear”), a Jordan Peele thriller (“Nope”) and more.

Streaming from home may be less expensive, but a summer trip to the multiplex is so worth it.

By Lance Melching

Kings Island

Summer is the best time of the year for thrill seekers. Even though Kings Island smells like feet and chlorine, it still has a special place in the hearts of anyone who loves theme parks.

“The Beast” is the longest wooden roller coaster in the country; for many, it is their first real roller coaster and the one that shocks and hooks people.

Kings Island has plenty of other rides, whether it’s the thrill of being flipped upside down on the “Banshee” or dropped more than 200 feet on “Diamondback.”

As long as someone doesn’t puke on you on “Flight of Fear,” your Kings Island trip will be memorable.

By Grace Robinson


The sunny summer season is the best time to go on many adventures traveling.

Traveling is an opportunity to escape reality, to go somewhere else and not think about the things people focus on in their ordinary lives.

The weather is a huge reason to travel. People tend to look forward to the nice warmth of the sun, and people can travel to escape the humidity of this area.

Another reason people travel in summer is to visit extended family in other states or countries.

Also traveling is more convenient during summer, because the days are longer and that means more time to do more activities!

By Amy Almazan