Having most students learn from home is the right call


David Bodenbender

With Kentucky and the rest of the country suffering from a global pandemic, the safest thing to do is have as many people learning at home as possible. There should be very few kids learning in school right now.

If everyone is kept at home, students and staff will be practicing proper social distancing during this global pandemic. Even if this isn’t what everyone wants, we have to do what is best for people around us. 

Although people of younger age are not affected as badly by this virus, they can carry it to the elderly people that they are around. How is it fair to an elderly person who has taken all the proper precautions for a younger person who is not as vulnerable to bring the virus near them? 

By no means is someone guaranteed to get coronavirus from going to school, but the more people who are in the building, the greater the chances increase because more people are packed in a closed in area and mistakes happen with safety procedures.

Chances also increase in this case because there is now a new COVID strain circling the world. Studies in the United Kingdom have found that the new strain of COVID is significantly more infectious than the one that we already have, and it has already been found in several U.S. locations. 

With another strain of COVID, things may spread faster and stronger inside of a small classroom.

School isn’t the safest place for students even though different students learn differently and some may prefer a classroom. However, limiting the number of people in the building would make it safer for the kids who really need help.

Kids that should be in the classroom are the kids that are having trouble maintaining their proper grades and who have learning disabilities. To keep these kids safe and virus free, the best thing to do is keep them masked up and distanced from each other while in the classroom. 

A global pandemic isn’t anything that most people were prepared for, and yet school districts and teachers have adjusted and still provided an education to students at home the best that they can.

In the Boone County School District, students are halfway through the school year already. Doing online school is what everyone is used to already this year and this is the way students should finish.

Some students have not been to school since March of 2020, which would be the end of the 2019-2020 school year and the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. 

For some students this may be paradise, being able to keep up with their grades at home and still finding time to do things otherwise.

Not being in school for eight hours a day has given kids options to do more things, such as a job, new hobbies, spending time with family, or even for themselves. 

Also, going to school also puts a lot of stress on some kids. Being at home doing the same thing that students do in the building could lower the stress levels of some kids.

There are students that fight social anxiety each day that they come to school, whether it’s speaking in front of the class or finding the perfect seat in the lunchroom. Not attending class in school will eliminate these battles for the kids who struggle around others. 

This global pandemic has shown that if everyone works together responsibly, then schooling from home can be done properly.

It is not the educators’ fault that a pandemic hit; someone has to make the decision of what is safest for their students. It may not be popular, but having a large number of students together in one area is not the safest.