After almost 15 years, Minecraft still shows no sign of slowing

Oliver Myers


Minecraft passed Tetris as the highest-grossing game of all time in 2013, and it has reigned on top of the throne ever since.

Reaching full release in Nov. 2011, it did not take long before the game took the world by storm. There were few who had not heard the name of the game by 2013.

Minecraft raised a generation and continues to raise the next ones to come.

It is a thread that connects the ages and pulls us together through an innovative experience.

Minecraft offered something like no other before it: a boundless world in which players could do whatever they wish.

However, it was kept concise and understandable through a blocky art style that maintained one’s creativity within loose guidelines.

Past this, the game had a survival mode alongside its creative mode which presented a goal for players who wanted more direction to their gameplay.

Once the game gained some serious traction. it began flooding the internet with pictures, videos, and discussions.

Pushing things even further, the multiplayer accelerated the formation of a bustling community, taking the game to new heights.

There were players skilled in building structures, making machines, putting together mini-games, running servers, and beyond.

There was seemingly something for everyone, and the multiplayer allowed this player base to blend together to form unforgettable experiences.

This combined with the abundance of Minecraft YouTubers crafted the perfect recipe for popularity.

It has been a hit for more than a decade, and shows no signs of falling off.