Mischievous and devious Minecraft traps to annoy friends

Jordan Klopp

“Minecraft” allows you to spend your time doing anything you want, like mining, building, or playing with friends. You can even fool the annoying friend you have.

People are still coming up with ways to trick their friends. Here are some of the ideas we’ve gathered on the internet.

One harmless way to annoy your friends is with the deception of trees. You first need to collect logs and leaves that match the trees around the area of where you want to build them.

Then build the trees in the same “Minecraft” style around your friend’s house. They’re expecting the leaves to despawn so seeing floating tree tops would be annoying.

Perhaps a more devious way to mess with your friends is through abducting their wolf and replacing it with your own. First, break into their house and push the wolf into a boat to obtain it.

You will now need to transfer the wolf to a hidden area preferably nearby. It may be difficult to boat through the blocky terrain, but persevere.

Return back to their house with the wolf that you will be using to replace their wolf with. Make sure that the collar of your wolf matches the one of the wolf that you want to replace.

Sit the wolf down in the exact same spot and leave like nothing happened. When they return to their wolf it will no longer stand or follow them and they may think that their wolf has lost interest in them and does not love them anymore.

This next trick is sure to inconvenience and possibly anger your friend. The goal is to shoot a pumpkin with the curse of binding onto their head so they can never take it off and will have impaired vision.

Well, that is unless they already have a helmet on, in which case this will not work. It’s truly diabolical and should be done secretly.

When they’re unaware, it’s time to make a move. You will need a pumpkin enchanted with the curse of binding.

The curse of binding enchantment book is a treasure item and can only be found  through finding it in a chest, fishing, or a librarian villager. Use a carved pumpkin and an anvil with the book to enchant it.

Now you will need to use a dispenser to transfer the pumpkin onto their head. Level it to their head height with blocks and activate it with something like a button or lever.

The pumpkin should shoot out and be permanently placed on their head. The only way to remove the pumpkin is by dying and losing all of the items in their inventory.

For some people, it is bearable to continue playing with impaired vision and not worth it to lose everything. If you are in a hardcore world, the pumpkin may become a part of your identity and learning to accept that will make it easier.

In October it may not seem so bad. If anything it will be the one month a year that your friend is an icon instead of a fool.

When playing tricks on friends it’s important to remember that some take it too far. Destroying the hard work that they put into their world creations is destroying progress and possibly a friendship.

“Minecraft” is a fun game with endless possibilities, and keeping the tomfoolery light hearted can make it more enjoyable and less devastating. With that in mind, there’s always room for chaos and destruction on your own worlds.